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Family and Kids

The best place to get this information is to take a tour of the birthing center at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. They will give you an overview of their facility and general informaton about labor and birthing. They can also point you to other resources in the area.

Your Child is under 3, she/he can go to Childcare.

Childcare is in high demand in the Bay Area and therefore you will need to plan early to find a good option and secure a spot. It may seem excessive but our recommendation is to begin looking at potential options at least six months before your child will need to begin. This is because many places have very long waiting lists. Another piece of advice is to call places even if they are “full”, the population in Berkeley is very transient and often children need to leave in the middle of the year. Many parents get lucky and find an opening mid-year. Finally, while childcare centers are very expensive close to campus, the price drops dramatically as you move to further away. If your budget is limited, look at places in El Cerrito, Richmond, San Leandro, and beyond.

Below are  several ways how you could  find affordable childcare.

1. Nannies

Either arrange privately in your neighborhood or through a website. For example: (service is free!),,,

  • Au pair takes about 6 weeks to be arranged and stays for 12 months!

  • Legalities: Please pay taxes/sick days/benefits for your nanny if you arrange privately. Check out this website for guidelines. Agencies will recommend expensive accountants to do this.


2. Childcare further away from most expensive areas

Griffin nursery school, b/t Telegraph Ave & Dana St

Stratford School, Danville, CA 94506

Swiss Cheese Childcare (my personal favorite – for emergencies or backup care; book online)


3. Immersion

There are plenty of preschools and daycare centers in and around Berkeley that offer immersion of languages, such as French, Spanish (plenty!), Mandarin, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Farsi, or Russian. Check out this blog post!


4. Ourselves – let’s help each other out. Now. Locally

BSPPA is developing a forum to search and advertize for community childcare.

For now: exchange email addresses and phone numbers.

If you have further questions, inputs, ideas just contact me at:

Your Child is 3 or 4, she/he can go to a Public Preschool.

There are 3 public preschools (also called Early Childhood Education) in Berkeley.

Please visit:

Enrollment applications are submitting directly to the Preschool administration office of your choice.

Your Child is over 5, she/he can go to a Public School.

There are plenty of public schools in Berkeley. Please visit:

Enrollment applications are submitting to the Berkeley school district office. You have to rank a preference list of the schools in your zone. The school will be assigned by the Berkeley school district.

You need to complete day care, school, and sport participation forms as well as immunization cards for your children. Go to Kiwi Pediatrics, they will be happy to

complete the form at no charge. They offer also provide children health care that can be for reduced/no cost. .

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