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Adult Education

UC Berkeley Extension: Founded in 1891, UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. Today, Extension offers 1,500 courses each year, including online courses, along with more than 75 professional certificates and specialized programs of study. Free and low-cost public events are also frequently held as part of Extension's service to the local community.

Berkeley Adult School: The Academic Department offers classes in science, social studies, English, arts, and math for those seeking a high school diploma. Special support and advising is available for students seeking a GED certificate. The Career Technical Education Department (CTE) offers courses in office skills, computer applications, health-related occupational training, and other employment areas. Classes are open to all students. Special services and programs are available for job-seekers. The English As a Second Language Department offers several levels of ESL, English pronunciation, citizenship and academic courses. Fee-Based (Community) Classes include dance and languages. Many fee-based community classes have online registration available. Check the Saturday listings for short, one-day workshops.

Berkeley City College: The City College is one of California’s 110 community colleges, is located at 2050 Center Street in downtown Berkeley. It is only two blocks from the University of California at Berkeley. Programs in American Sign Language, biotechnology, business, computer information systems, the liberal arts and social sciences, are offered throughout the year.

The Student Parent Center: The Student Parent Program is an essential resource for a highly motivated population of undergraduate students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents. The Student Parent Center provides a centralized multi-purpose campus space, where students can access resources, engage in informal study groups, share information, form lasting friendships, build leadership skills, celebrate achievements, recover from setbacks, exchange childcare, nurse babies and change diapers.

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